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The New Economic Model
For Your Real Estate Career

For years the mindset has been the same…  bring your clients to the office.  Today, some of the most successful agents are able to bring the office to their clients!  This is precisely the business model of a Mobile Agent with the RE/MAX Action Team with support coming from Lisle, IL and Oakbrook, IL.  We see you as an independent entrepreneur and can help you design your business so that you can list property anywhere in northern Illinois while still having a fulltime support staff available at your fingertips!  The RE/MAX Action system gives you the time to focus on what you are truly talented at doing…  Prospecting, Listing, Negotiating and Selling!  The time most agents invest in uploading listing information, processing digital photography, preparing virtual tours, preparing marketing materials and much of the work that takes you away from your primary task is handled by our full time support staff.  This is the magic of RE/MAX Action.  Our staff (which works for you!) helps you stay focused on your talents as a real estate professional.  They are here to give you the support you need and give you the time to create more business.  Or, use the extra time to focus on things that are important to you such as your family.
How Much Do You Pay
Your Current Broker?

                                $75,000                                    $75,000

50/50 5M

                       $60,000      $75,000                             $75,000

60/40 5M

                 $45,000       $75,000                             $75,000

70/30 5M

           $30,000     $45,000          $60,000      $75,000                            $75,000

80/20 5M

<$22,000**        $30,000     $45,000          $60,000      $75,000                                     $75,000

100%* UNL

As you can see, there are tens of thousands of dollars that are paid to your broker over the course of a year.  Even if you were on a graduating scale throughout the year, the prorated amounts are much higher than a flat fee where you would pocket nearly all of the commission.  The question you must ask is…  “What am I getting for my fees?” Is the training, coaching, company marketing and support giving you the edge in today’s market?  What if you we able to generate the same if not more income in less time?


Contact one of our business development coordinators for more details. 1-800-276-2600