More Internet Leads in 3 weeks than 3 years!
"In doing an extensive comparision and evaluation of all of the key Realty brokerages in the Naperville area, including Coldwell Banker, Baird & Warner, Prudential, and RE/MAX it was extremely clear that RE/MAX Action was the clear choice based on Technology and Internet superiority, client support programs, office support, cost and revenue considerations, and agent support programs.  The hardest part of making a decision based on good pre-evaluation is in the discovery stage to determine if reality is as good as the presentation.  The most pleasing part of my decision was finding out that not only is RE/MAX Actionas good as I felt it was, it is actually far better than I could even have hoped for!"

- Dave Dornbos formerly Coldwell Banker 

 Dedication To RE/MAX Action!
"Gary, Thanks for waking up in the morning and making us the 3rd thing on your mind every day! (We know what the first 2 are!) Your dedication to RE/MAX Actionis obvious and much appreciated!"

- Janet & Brian Mayer formerly Baird & Warner 

 Thank You For Your Vision!
"Gary, we've seen so many changes over the years, not only in the industry, but also with the Company! I know we've all grown because of the changes and I'm glad I'm still a part of RE/MAX Action. Thanks for your vision and for letting me be part of it!"

- Leslie McKenzie formerly RE/MAX

 Just Do Whatever Gary Says!
"Mobile Agents... On The Move! The Jacklin-izer Ain't got time to talk about it... Go sell a house! Just do whatever Gary says - IT WORKS! GARY JACKLIN = RE/MAX ActionThanks for everything!"

- Sue Daley formerly Coldwell Banker 

 Thank You For Being a Wonderful, Hardworking Broker/Owner!
"Thanks you for being such a wonderful, hardworking Broker/Owner, who always strives to be ahead of the competitors, so that we, as RE/MAX ActionAgents can function better in the market place. It has been a blast to be part of RE/MAX Action. Thank you for your understanding and support all along my real estate career. You are always loved and appreciated."

- Linna Ang formerly RE/MAX 

 Gary, His Step Has Never Slowed!
?Having spent many years in the corporate world prior to RE, I have been incredibly impressed with the training & cutting edge technology Gary offers RE/MAX Action agents and brokers. In the 8 years I have been with Gary, his step has NEVER slowed. The best part is, he is always willing to assist his agents to meet their goals and continually works with them to become their ?best?!? 

- Liz Moore started with RE/MAX Action

 Always a Pleasure!
"Its always a pleasure to express a bit of gratitude to you for your leadership in the office. May the years to come be DY-NO-MITE for RE/MAX Action!"

- Bob Baldwin formerly Realty Executives  

 We Had No Idea!
"We're so glad we finally made the move! Agents should NEVER listen to all of the mis-information that other Brokers say about RE/MAX! RE/MAX Actionis everything you promised and so much more! Gary, it's great to be part of our RE/MAX ActionTeam!"

- John & Karen Gillespie formerly Century 21 

 Karen & John Gillespie
 So Happy to be Apart of the Team!
"Gary, We are so happy to be apart of your team. Its evident that the time and energy you put into this house is paying off. Its great to be an agent with RE/MAX and coming to Action has only made it better. Keep up the good work!"

- Lisa and Jim Stover formerly RE/MAX   

 RE/MAX Action World!
"Congratulations! You have a lot to be proud of! Thank you for the opportunity of sharing in the RE/MAX Actionworld!"

- Gail Eddy started with RE/MAX Action

  We have found Peace instead of Turmoil!
"It's hard to believe we are going on another year together. Lloyd had been with our old office for thirty years before we made the decision to leave there. We came to RE/MAX Actionbecause of YOU! You convinced us that we would be happier and less stressed in your organization. We were so impressed with your values, professionalism, personality, and intelligence. The most important quality we were seeking was FAIRNESS in treating all your agents EQUALLY--no favoritism. We sought AGENT COMPATABILITY and you have that. We needed secretarial support, leadership, respect freedom to perform yet direction and support from our Broker/Owner and manager. We have not been disappointed in our decision to leave Prudential. We have found peace instead of turmoil in our working environment. We have found TOLERANCE and RESPECT for our performance on various levels. Thank you for making our work environment so pleasant!"

- Jean and Lloyd Lundberg formerly Prudential  

 Thanks for your Commitment!
"Gary, Thank you for your commitment to provide us with the latest and most up-to-date tools available. Personally I would like to thank you for all your help and patience!"

- Rich Keleher started with RE/MAX Action

 I love RE/MAX Action!
"It is the best move I could have made! I am really glad I listened to your sales pitch. Seriously though, you are a great salesman, Intelligent, and who else can keep up on technology like you can? No one! Keep up the good work. Cheers to a long lasting working relationship."

-Lee Ernst formerly Coldwell Banker  

 I'm So Glad I'm Here!
"I'm so glad I'm here! Your understanding, generosity and good spirit helps all who are around you. And I truly believe I have benefited already from who you are and where you are leading RE/MAX Action. Thank you for helping me make the right decision to come back to RE/MAX and of course to RE/MAX Action. Thank you for all your help with my goofy questions, and strange deals. I appreciate it."

-Debbie Pawlowicz formerly Coldwell Banker  

 State of the Art Equipment!
"Gary,Thanks so much for all the new "state of the art" equipment! We truly stand out above the rest!"                                                                                 

- Marylou Connelly formerly Baird & Warner 

 Thank you for the direction!
"Gary, I just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity here at RE/MAX Action. I am excited about the direction I am headed and am appreciative of the support you continually offer."

- Steve Gregor formerly Independant

 This is all you Gary!
"The key to creating a Total-Quality organization is first to create a Total-Quality person who uses the true north 'Compass' that is objective and external; that reflects natural laws or principles, as opposed to values that are subjective and internal. This is all you Gary. Thank you for everything!"

- Frank Kresz formerly RE/MAX 

 This Office Is Special!
"Gary, Thanks for all your hard work in making our office special! As a senior realtor, I need all the help I can get relating to computers and you have made it possible for me to continue being a Realtor through your expertise!"

- Joyce Tangorra formerly Coldwell Banker